10 tips for credit cards safety [updated 2023]

Published at: 2023-02-03

Keeping a credit card secure these days is quite hard with the amount of connectivity we have around. Hackers and scammers have a much greater chance of getting your credit card details. Still, you can apply these credit card security tips to keep yourself a little bit more secure.

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1. Use a strong PIN(Personal Identification Number)

A PIN is used by ATMs as a 4 digit code to identify and verify a transaction happening between the bank and the card user using the machine. Using a strong pin other than 1234 or any set of numbers in an orderly fashion.

Never use your birthdate or anything related to you as your PIN because hackers will try to use that if common passwords fail.

2. Don't signup everywhere using your credit card

Making a phishing page these days doesn't even require proper programming these days so if someone is asking for your credit card details and you don't see any use of that on the website then don't enter the details as most probably they will scam you.

This is one of the famous ways to scam people they allow you to watch a movie for free or they will say they will double your money as soon as you put your details. So, don't fall for these people as these people will just clear your money from your account.

You can use our Credit Card generator to generate fake data for signing up in possibly harmful sites.

3. Use VAN (Virtual Account Number)

Virtual account numbers are generated account numbers that conceal the actual account number to which they are tied. This simplifies the process of tracking costs by categorizing them according to the many account numbers produced.

4. Use cash on delivery first on every e-commerce site if you don't trust them

Instead of using a credit card on a new e-commerce website use COD because it tells you first that they are legit and that they will give you the product. If you ordering and they don't allow COD just make sure they are legit you can do that by searching for their reviews on different forums and Q&A websites. If you don't see most probably they are new or just a scam in both cases there is a big risk that they will just scam you or give you a bad product.

5. Install security software on your devices

Installing security software is really important as it will secure your device from any virus, exploit or attack that is being done on your device. You can use any popular security software or app based on your device.

Have a secure device even if it requires you money as it will give you much more freedom in terms of using your device freely.

6. Add adblockers to your browser

Most websites on the internet have 3rd party ad networks which store all sorts of data on you. Using an adblocker allows you to block them to keep yourself secure because some ad networks using javascript code that can store a cookie that will store details of all your premium applications as well as the details in them.

7. Generate strong passwords

Whenever you create an account on any platform on which you will make a transaction or store your credit card details make sure you have a really strong password because if someone tried to hack your account having a strong set of password will cause them a big problem which will most probably move them to find an easier prey on the internet.

8. Don't save card details on apps

Instead of storing details of your card on different apps and websites for fast transaction type them every time because it makes really hard for hackers and scammers to get those details. If someone even got access to the account most probably they will leave it because there are no cards added or saved on the app or the website.

Also, in case of a breach on the app or website, your details remain safe.

9. Use fake credit card numbers for testing

If you are a developer and you need to test your app, website, or software for credit card use fake credit card numbers which you can ever generate using a credit card generator.

These generated cards are valid and have no monetary value so you can use them and generate as many of them as you want.

10. Never connect to free wifi

Millions of people fall prey to evil twin it is a free wifi attack in which people get fooled that they are getting free wifi instead of that they get blackmailed or get hacked by the attacker. In this attack, the hacker can control every system attached to the network. They can install scripts, access files, and even turn on your camera and mic if it attached to your device.

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